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Ǧilakasla for the Support Last Year

For Standing Together Tribal Journeys 2017


Moving Onward to

Puyallup Wa July 28th-Aug 4th 2018!

Proudly Supported By......Thank You, Gelakasla!











The coastal waters of British Columbia have sustained our peoples since time immemorial, providing access to precious resources and connecting our communities to one another. This common thread weaves our histories, stories, art and families together and helps ensure our cultural traditions thrive with each new generation.


In August of 2017, the We Wai Kai Nation and the We Wai Kum Nation, will stand together to welcome canoe families into the territories. For more than twenty-years, Tribal Journeys has provided the framework for cultural revitalization and experience aimed at supporting youth through the process. For some, their travels will include more than five weeks of daily paddling to reach us –  with each stop bringing the opportunity to share and learn from one another and practice the important cultural protocols of our communities. It is a journey of healing and health both individually and collectively and for many, represents a connection to each other, to the land, and to their cultural heritage for which there is simply no other comparison.


The canoes will arrive onto Quadra Island on Friday, August 4th for a soft landing where they will be welcomed into the territory of the We Wai Kai Nation (Please note, there is no camping on Quadra Island - the campsite for Tribal Journeys is on the Quinsam Reserve in Campbell River). On Saturday, August 5th, the public are invited to witness the arrival of the canoes onto the Campbell River Spit as they are welcomed by the Wei Wai Kum Nation. A public feast will be held to mark this occasion and everyone is invited. We anticipate between seventy-five and one-hundred canoes will participate.


We hope that you will join us on the beach as the canoes are called in and formally welcomed to our territory. What a tremendous opportunity this represents in the building and nourishing of intercultural and cross cultural relationships. Your participation serves to strengthen our nation and our peoples, and demonstrates our unified commitment to working together for the common good.


We could not have done this without

each and everyone of you!


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