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With its 15 original members, Nuyumablees was the first facility of its kind in Canada designed specifically to house a repatriated collection and be located on a First Nation Reserve. Since 1979, Nuyumbalees Mission has been:

To collect, preserve and display Native artifacts of cultural, artistic and historic value to the Kwa’kwa’ka’wa’kw people.

To promote and foster carving, dancing ceremonials and other cultural and artistic activities engaged in the Kwa’kwa’ka’wa’kw people.

To collect, record and make available information and records relating to the language and history of the Kwa’kwa’ka’wa’kw people.

To recover from other institutions and individuals, artifacts and records of cultural, artistic and historical
value to the Kwa’kwa’ka’wa’kw people.

To promote, design, construct, build, repair, expand and maintain facilities and to acquire by purchase, lease or otherwise lands for such facilities, for the carrying out of the above objectives of the Society.

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